What Type of Frontier Packraft Is Right for You?


This is the perfect fit for paddlers learning to packraft or planning to paddle calm lakes and slow-moving rivers. These boats are ideal for adventures at the lake or fishing your favorite backcountry honey hole. The Frontier CW270 longer length and improved tracking make it a great choice for flatwater paddling. Anyone who thinks paddling is better with a friend will enjoy the CW300 This two-person, canoe-style packraft is ideal for long lake tours and is a favorite among adventure racers.


The Adventure Series packrafts are designed for multisport athletes and built to handle everything from flatwater to milder class II rapids. The Frontier AR350 the boat for you if you’ve ever wanted to backpack into the wilds, portage across a river, fish an alpine lake, and camp out before doing it all over again. This boat weighs just 5.2 pounds and is a go-to for bikerafting. If having a spraydeck is important to you, check out the AR modelwith a backband.


These boats are designed to take on some serious whitewater. The narrower trim allows for fluid movement in and out of eddies, and the rocker makes for fun wave play. Anyone who loves surfing holes and getting splashy will love this series. The WW series (in either self -bailing or apraydeck versions) sets the standard for whitewater packrafts. It weighs less than 10 pounds and is designed for responsive river handling.



Post time: Mar-23-2019


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