Rational Ways to Adopt After Playing the Kayak

After a long day of kayaking, it might feel like a huge task to deflate your kayak and pack it away. Your effort and patience will be worth it in the end. You need to make sure that it is fully dried up. You can use a suitable cloth to dry it before you deflate it. Inflatable Kayaks are tricky to dry as water might seep into the corners. Dry the seats and sides first and then move onto the back.

Make sure you drain all the water and then use a towel to soak up any extra moisture on the surfaces underneath it. Moisture could grow mold or mildew on the materiel if you will be storing your kayak for a long time. Some sand and gravel won’t cause many problems but it is better to dust it off after you have dried it fully.

Fold it following the same pattern in which it was first received. This will stop any unnecessary bends on the materiel of your kayak before you put in the cover

If you are storing your inflatable kayak in a bag, make sure it is left in a cool and dry place. Use the UV protector spray or a sun proof cover if you will be storing in the heat. Store your hard shell kayak indoors where moisture cannot get to it. When you invest in handy equipment like the inflatable kayak, you need to be careful while traveling. When you pack it with luggage in the car or flight, make sure there aren’t any heavy goods laid on it.

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Post time: May-20-2019


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