• Frontier Packraft Will Accompany You To Arrival Of Christmas.

                                                              OH, Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way~ OH, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse...
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  • Frontier Packraft- Colorful Packraft based on Single Coated and Double Coated

    Packraft is a colorful fairy on the water. Frontier provided Red, Yellow, Blue, Army Green and Black with double coated nylon. and Light Green, Orange, Gray, Navy Green and Red with single coated nylon. There are eight different colors for your reference. Meanwhile, we accept to produce multi-col...
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  • Packraft- Tizip Zipper

    If you want to run a long packrafting trip, If you intend to run overnight trips, then a Tizip Zipper is more than a nice-to-have, it is essential. Storing overnight gear such as tents, clothes and foods inside the tubes keeps the weight low for stability, off the decks to stop it all getting wet...
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  • Packrafting in winter

    The winter has been arrived in Japan, but it still did not reduce the people’s enthusiasm for packrafting. My friend Daigo Shibata organized a packrafting party  in Mitake on the Sunday ( 2th. Dec. 2018). Although the temperature is relatively low, everyone still feel warm with packraft. Mr...
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  • Packraft- Self Bailing

    Self-bailing packrafts allow water to get into the cockpit, but drain it out quickly through floor drains. They require an inflatable seat or inflatable floor to keep your lower body out of the wet. They have the advantage of being very quick and easy to get in and out of, for scouting and portag...
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  • Packraft-Spray Deck

    A spray deck keeps water out of the cockpit in rapids. They keep the lower body of paddler dry. They are suited to those who may not wish to wear a wet suit or waterproof suit. Someone would like to wear leisure clothing suitable for travel. Spray decks provided this kinds of convenience. It will...
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  • Happy and Passionate PackRaft

    What is packrafting? In short, a packraft is an inflatable individual raft that can pack down to such a small size that it can fit inside a pack while backpacking. Once hikers reach a river, they can remove the raft from their pack, blow it up with the included inflation system, and let the adven...
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  • 2018 ARWC Champion!

    Congratulations! Team NZL Avaya won the 2018 6th Adventure Racing World Championship. Covered over 425 kms, 17,000 m of elevation gain in 117 hours. Frontier packraft participated in the paddling events of the contestants. Congratulations! Nathan Faavae, Stuart Lynch, Fleur Pawsey and Chris Forn...
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  • Packraft —-the most suitable boat to walk the world!

    In places packrafts have become essential companions on trekking tours, making it possible to discover even the most remote and normally unreachable parts of the Arctic wilderness and extremely cold zone.   Ultra-lightweight materials achieved the super convenient inflation way. Only one in...
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  • 2018 ARWC Hottest Model

    2018 ARWC( Adventure Racing World Championship) will be held in Reunion. We have no words to express how much we are exciting to this big adventure in France. Frontier Packraft AR-320 and AR-350 are most popular in ARWC. Sincerely wishing all the racers will WIN there own champion with Frontier P...
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  • Brief History of Packraft

     Backpacking is great. But water is the blood of a landscape. In a boat, drifting at eye level with the water, undistracted by the cutting straps of an anvil pack, you can sit and feel the pulse of a place. One of the most exciting tools to emerge for the outdoors in recent years is the packraft—...
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  • Packing the packraft

    First, do not sit on your pack. It will soak the contents and crush the cook pot. Instead, the ideal location in a packraft to load a pack is opposite the end where you sit, the bow, because the best compromise between visibility and stability is sitting in the stern. Without a pack and especiall...
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  • 1st Canadian Packrafting Roundup

    Welcome to the First Canadian Packrafting Roundup Event. We are thrilled to have an event dedicated to the packrafting community in Canada. The first edition of the roundup will be held in beautiful Mount Robson provincial park, British Columbia. For its first edition, the packrafting roundup wi...
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  • Most Advanced Packraft in the World launched by Audac

    Most Advanced Packraft in the World: 1. Tizip at bow, rather than the stern to better balance the weight between bow and stern; 2. Raised floor to ensure faster speed and proper track; 3. Stuff holder inside the tubes to fix the stuff at correct position inside the tubes; 4. Large self-bailing ho...
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  • How to Manage Risk When Running Unknown Water

    How to Manage Risk When Running Unknown Water

    Packrafts have advanced rapidly in terms of materials, design, and capabilities. A little over a decade ago packrafts were considered simple tools to cross a river, or fish an alpine lake; now they drop waterfalls and run Class V whitewater in the Grand Canyon. On the banks of a gin-clear river,...
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  • A packrafting trip in Germany, Let’s go packrafting.

    Augsburg tour Packraft trip Packrafting is using a small, lightweight inflatable boat to do whatever you would do in a bigger boat. By “small” I mean generally one person. By “lightweight” I mean less than ten pounds — generally five pounds or less. By “whatever a bigger boat can do,” I mean cros...
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  • The First PackRaft with TiZip on the Bow, rather than the Stern.

    Designed by senior Packraft Experts from New Zealand and Frontier. Above packraft is the first packraft with TiZip on the Bow, rather than the traditional position(stern) to balance the weight when paddling. With brand new Self-bailing system, it is Frontier’s most advanced Adventure Series pack...
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  • Official Packraft Supplier of ARWC

    On July 14th, ARWC announced Frontier Packraft as their Official Packraft Supplier. Link:
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  • Adventure with Frontier packrafts for ARWC 2018

    Adventure with Frontier packrafts for ARWC 2018

    Adventure Racing World Championship 2018 is coming soon. we have no words to express how much we are exciting to this big adventure in France.Since several months Frontier has been improving packrafts with superb quality materials for part of participants.we are looking forward to seeing them on...
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  • Packrafting  meet-up Europe 2018

    Packrafting meet-up Europe 2018

    Welcome to the 2018 packrafting meet-up in mainland Europe. This packrafting meet-up will be held over 4 days from Sat 28th April until Tues the 1st May 2018 In Bovec along the Soca River in Slovenia. This packrafting meet-up is not affiliated with a particular organisation or a packrafting brand...
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  • Finding Time: A wild and empty journey to the Arctic Ocean

    Finding Time: A wild and empty journey to the Arctic Ocean

    Three paddlers venture beyond the Brooks Range through America’s largest single tract of public land: Northwest Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve Photos and words by Tyler Williams Wind waves rolled downstream, white spray whipping off their crests with each gust. We were intent on keepin...
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  • Good times at the 1st Packrafting Association of NZ Meet-up

    Good times at the 1st Packrafting Association of NZ Meet-up

    Over the weekend of 23/24 March, 25 member of PRANZ met in Te Anau, for the first official event of the Packrafting Association of NZ. It was pretty chilly at first, with fresh snow down to about 1000m on the Kepler Mountains, but the sun came out and warmed things up considerably! The weekend be...
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  • The East Idaho Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo is celebrating its 25th year for 2018

    The East Idaho Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo is celebrating its 25th year for 2018. They have been planning some great activities to make this event a memorable one. Pls keep checking back as update the site with all the classes and programs that will be offered. More informations, pls take a lo...
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