Packraft Overview

Packrafting is a relatively new outdoor adventure sport that is rapidly growing in popularity – for good reason. Packrafts are lightweight, packable boats that can be stashed in a backpack or bike panniers, inflated riverside, used, and then deflated and re-packed quickly and easily. These boats allow access to waterways that hardshell canoes and kayaks or bulky inflatables simply can’t get to.

Advancements in more recent years have resulted in rugged and durable boats that can stand up to tough conditions and even take on whitewater. They are a great option for those looking to incorporate paddling into backcountry biking or hiking trips, or for those simply wanting an easy-to-transport boat. With most packrafts similar in size and weight to a tent (expect a full packrafting kit to add 10-15 lbs to your pack), they can be easily carried by foot, bike, plane, and even on public transit. While you won’t find the same level of maneuverability as you would with a kayak, packrafts can be used on both flat and moving water. A packraft can be a welcomed addition for anyone who has been out on a hike just yearning to get on that alpine lake or backcountry river.


Post time: Apr-03-2019


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