Make Your Inflatable Kayak More Durable With the Right Care

The beautiful summer sun tempts you to go out on the sea with your kayak. You want your expensive inflatable kayak to last for many summers to come. Be prepared to take the time to pack it away carefully and travel with it without damaging it.

The material of your kayak needs care and maintenance in the burning heat in order to stop the material from degrading. You can use a 303 protectant spray to protect it from UV rays. You can use the spray every 30 to 45 days to keep the material from going brittle and dry if you are using a hard shell kayak, which is stored outdoors while you are holidaying on a beach.

Inflatable ones come with specific inflating instructions. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully. Before you inflate it, open it on a flat surface and check the area for any sharp objects. Most kayaks have thick and strong material. However, you need to be careful when you are using an electric pump. You can always use a hand or foot pump at the end to be careful with over inflating after having used an electric pump. Be aware of the temperature as air expands when it is too hot so you need to leave a bit of space at the end.


In conclusion, treat your kayak like you would treat your car or bike. It will last more than five years if you manage the upkeep all throughout the year.

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Post time: May-18-2019


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