How To Choose a Frontier PackRaft

The two big considerations when choosing a packraft are the type of water you want to paddle and your preferred mode of transportation. Read on to understand how these will impact your choice.

The Water

One of the main considerations is the type of water you’ll be paddling. From mellow lakes to rushing whitewater rivers, there’s a packraft for every adventure. Take a minute and envision your packrafting future. Do you plan to paddle lakes, rivers, or some combination of the two? Do you want to leisurely float? Is fishing the goal? Or is your packraft a backcountry means of transport?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but getting clear here will help. If you mainly plan to paddle big rapids, you’ll want to look for a white water-series packraft. For flatwater paddling, you may prefer to choose something with more comfort and stability, such as calm water- series packraft.


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Mode of Transport

Traditional boats like a canoe or kayak limit where you can travel, but packrafts are built to go into the wilds. Before choosing a packraft, consider how you’ll access the water. Do you love hiking into the backcountry? Or is a bikepacking adventure on your bucket list? Or will you be driving to the water?

Determining how you’ll travel to the water will inform how important weight — or lack thereof — is to you. If you’re driving to the put-in, a few extra pounds don’t matter much. But if you’re hiking or biking, it’s important to choose a lighter boat. such as the packraft made with single coated material.


Post time: Mar-22-2019


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