High Speed Inflatable Catamaran Boat

INFLATABLE CATAMARAN BOATS 380a INFLATABLE CATAMARAN BOAT 380First among them is the rowing frame. Due to the sleek design, a catamaran kayak is ideal for rowing. Anyone who’s tried to row an inflatable kayak or an inflatable raft that lacks a rowing frame before knows it isn’t a lot of fun. So to solve this problem Frontier has an optional rowing frame available. Once installed, this boat makes rowing simple, allowing the boat to slice through the water with minimal effort.

Second, the stability and beam of the kayak allows a number of “fishing friendly” features to be installed. In particular, the double hull design, in conjunction with a motormount that is placed between the two hulls, allows for use of a gas motor up to 2.5hp. While a 2.5hp motor doesn’t sound like much, due to the sleek design and lightweight of the boat, the motor propels the boat around lakes and backwaters simply and quickly. For those wanting to “go green,” an electric trolling motor with a deep-cycle battery can also be installed.Other “fishing friendly” optional features include rod holders and padded swivel seats with a comfortable backrest.

More buoyancy, extra loads, increased safety – and smooth sailing with less spray: The convex hull bottom reduces resistance at the bow and stern, and the modern Wavepiercer bow cuts through the waves. You will be the fastest sailor on the water! It is has been developed and optimised through tank testing and the boat-skin is hand made.Frame with internal profile: The frame doesn’t twist, the hulls don’t bounce off: The profile frame, which is made from saltwater-resistant anodised aluminium, is firmly connected to the hull at the top and at the sides with four sleeve inserts. These angular connectors provide torsional stability, while the trampoline mesh is integrated seamlessly and directly into the profile frame.

Post time: Jun-28-2019


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