Get Started Packrafting

Once you’ve chosen the perfect packraft, there are a few other pieces of important gear.

First, you’ll need a paddle. Look for one that breaks into four pieces for easy packing. The Frontier Full Carbon Paddle is a lightweight touring model perfect for anyone who wants a packable, do-all paddle.

The other requisite piece of gear is a spray deck. These come in a variety of sizes for fit with a variety of packrafts.

A personal flotation device (PFD). These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, and choosing one is a matter of personal preference. The most important advice around a PFD is this: Always wear a PFD on the water.

Now that you have a packraft, paddle, spray deck and PFD, you’re ready for the water. Gather your adventure-loving friends and get outside.

Hike to that cerulean alpine lake, bike to the adrenaline-pumping river, or drive to the local lake. No matter the adventure, it’s always better with a packraft!

full carbon paddle

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Post time: Mar-25-2019


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