Frontier Packrafts and mountain bikes are a match made in heaven!

But isn’t rafting with a bike too cumbersome?

In a word, no, although that will always depend on the extent to which you are willing to compromise. You’re likely not going to run Class V rapids with a bike strapped to your bow, but the flipside to that is that many rafts paddle better on flat water with the weight of the bike (or just a large pack) on the bow counterbalancing your own weight in the stern, giving a better over all weight distribution and minimising side-to-side wiggling. Boating with your bike will likely take some getting used to, but then so did riding a loaded bike the first time round…

As with any new skill, some learning is required: how to pack them, maintain and repair them, as well as staying safe on flat and moving water. Undoubtedly, adding a boat is going to add bulk and weight to your bikepacking setup, as well as time when transitioning between modes of travel. That said, in the same way that we become efficient at selecting and packing gear on a bike, a packraft can be integrated into your routine as your experience grows, and learning these things should be a satisfying process in itself. Ultimately, a packraft is a tool, and like any tool it is up to the user to unlock its full potential.

Post time: Mar-14-2019


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