Frontier Inflatable kayak with good improvement!

We began in 2008 selling an inflatable kayak very similar to our present Frontier Kayaks. Since then we have made many improvements in our inflatable kayaks. Today, we offer superior one way valves, thicker hull material and an even better material formulation for greater strength, reliability, and durability on the water.

Frontier inflatable kayaks pack in small size, can be carried almost anywhere there is water and set up in less than 5 minutes!

They are great fun for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. With a lightweight design and efficient hull shape, the Frontier Kayaks are swift paddling boats and easy to handle for young or old alike.

When you consider their cost verses the way they can be used, Frontier inflatable kayaks truly represent one of the best values in boating today!



Post time: Jun-29-2019


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