Build Your Own Packraft

Packraft have been more and more popular in the world. Loved by the majority of water sports enthusiasts!

Among these enthusiasts, there are some people would like to have a special packraft that is unique to themselves.

Yes! that is right! Everyone has their own idea, and everyone has their own design. Frontier can help you to achieve your own design!

Any kinds multi-colors you want, we can try our best to manufacture as your demands.


If you want to change the color of tape, it is also can be came true.


Even 10 m amazing packraft is still can be offered by Frontier.

10m packraft








Whatever your designs are? Want to change the size, color or shape of packraft. Frontier will always try our best to meet your demands and build a unique packraft for you!  :-D


Post time: Mar-06-2019


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