How do you pack for the river?
First and foremost, put everything in dry bags inside of your backpack. Or, if you don’t want to use lots of smaller bags, you can buy one large dry bag that will fit around your entire pack. Frontier  makes backpack-sized dry bags that come equipped with straps so they are easy to sling over your shoulders for the hiking portions of the trip. Basically, you want to ensure your stuff stays dry if it goes for an unpredicted swim!

How do you attach your backpack to the raft?
Most packrafts will have straps attached to the front of the boat. Users simply set their backpack on the bow of the raft and then rig the lines through and over the backpack, hooking them on the other side. It will cause the back of your boat to rear up in the air while on land, but doesn’t affect paddling unless you’re carrying a seriously heavy pack. In my experience, you can easily carry a 60-pound pack on a packraft; however, carrying that same pack while hiking on land may cause some back problems later!

Good luck and happy packrafting!


Post time: Mar-09-2019


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