2019 PVC Material Tean Group Inflatable Monster SUP Paddleboard

Short Description:

1.Manufacturer of premier quality inflatable team paddleboard

2.Competitive price

3.Advanced material and  Toughest tear resistance

4.Compact and Durable

5.Handcrafted technology and innovative design

  • FOB Price: US$99-1,999/PC
  • Net Weight: 3.0 - 3.5KGS
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • MOQ.: 10 PCS
  • Package: Carton
  • Port: QingDao
  • Production Capability: 10,000 PCS/Month
  • Product Detail

    If you want to buy an inflatable paddle board, you are now faced with an almost endless selection of boards on the market. Moreover, the price range is very wide. While choosing cheaper circuit boards at the lower end of the market is tempting, in this article we will examine in detail why not all inflatable paddle boards are equal. So before you choose an attractive price (if you don’t have an attractive look) for a board, here are some reasons to spend extra premium SUps.

    Construction technology

    Most paddle boards at the lower end of the market use single or double “drip seams”, which means how the material that forms the top and bottom skins of the plateises by threading, giving the plate shape and structure. Although lightweight and easy to operate, a single-layer drip structure produces fragile plates that are too rigid to inflate to higher pressures. Double-layer water drop seams are more durable and harder, but the disadvantage is that they are heavier, harder to roll up when released, and are prone to cosmetic blemishes. In contrast, structures such as The Monster board, developed by Frontier, combine ultra-reinforced water-spike cores with hard-wearing polymer layers and heat-treated seams to produce stronger, harder plates that reduce weight by 2kg. In addition to the structure itself, innovative technologies such as rocker reinforcement and Tec air processes combine to deliver unparalleled stiffness and performance for a truly authentic paddle experience.And it’s tough enough that there aren’t many inflatable paddle boards that can have 22 tons of excavators driving them and surviving.


    No matter how much money you spend on the paddle board, you hope it lasts. It would be no good if it started to collapse after one or two seasons. Not only does this not look good, but it can also be dangerous – what if the inflatable chamber fails when you go into the water? Moreover, once the cheap inflatable paddle board sits down, it’s usually more than just a case of simple repair work – it’s either not economically meaningful to do so or just impossible if the structure of the board has been compromised.So there’s no alternative but to buy another – as the saying goes, “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

    Lack of versatility

    While you may initially buy paddle boards on the beach or local lake for some fun, you end up wanting to do more on your cardboard. Whether it’s a long trip, a yoga spot, a game with friends, or a try in the waves, you’ll need a board that can do the job. Sadly, this is where many cheap alternatives become harvesters. Without the required strength, stiffness and durability, many of them are simply simpler and cannot be used for anything but some basic paddles on flat water.Buying a higher quality board will enable you to “grow” all other features when you’re ready.

    Buy well, buy once.

    While cheap paddle boards may seem attractive at first, low-quality materials and structures mean that their performance is not only much lower than their more expensive counterparts, but they are also much less durable. Since Frontier began manufacturing inflatable paddle boards in 2008, we have focused on using the best materials and innovative technologies to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our development. We are passionate about creating a real paddle experience for everyone who uses Frontier boards and are proud to be able to produce the world’s most popular inflatable paddle boards.But don’t just listen to us, start your adventure today with the board selector below.

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