2019 8.9 Ft(270cm) High Quality Self Bailing Single Person Packable Packraft

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: US$99-1,999/PC
  • Net Weight: 3.0 - 3.5KGS
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • MOQ.: 10 PCS
  • Package: Carton
  • Port: QingDao
  • Production Capability: 10,000 PCS/Month
  • Product Detail

    I always like to be ahead of the herd, not hot, it’s fun to learn new things and solve problems for myself. The packaging process is basically an adult rubber boat. This is a small inflatable boat that is small enough to be placed in a backpack until you reach the river. Then you blow up the boat, jump in, and take your adventures downstream.

    10 tips

    1. This is a complete compromise. Take the clothes you can walk in and paddle. You will get wet! Waterproof tops and bottoms are not as dry as wetsuits, but they are lighter. Merino underwear will be your best friend.

    2. Rubber booties are another additional option.

    3. Normal water rules apply: It is an adventure to do it alone. A pair of trips. Scouting the future. Develop a paddle and whistle signal system for communication.

    4. The best trips include a good combination of hiking and river. If you can incorporate two different rivers into your project, it would be better.

    5. Drill a line around the seesaw as a safety catch. However, it is important to understand the dangers of the trailing line and the danger of underwater obstacles.

    6. You can carry a lot of equipment on the box. This is the walking phase you need to keep in mind when packing – even if they are lightweight, the box will still add considerable weight to your load (ships, folding paddles, buoyancy aids, etc.).

    7. There are enough spring clips to prevent it from being caught.

    8. First test it – one involves some hiking, some paddling and one under canvas. You can quickly learn gear requirements in this way.

    9. Start gentle.筏 Very tolerant to amateur paddlers, but you should still be careful. My first paddle is water, and the iceberg floats. not smart!

    Compromise = versatility

    It’s best not to think of boxing as an inflatable canoe: they are not as good as canoes or kayaks on the water. Packrafts are compromises. They allow you to combine hiking or cycling and paddling in the same adventure. They can be inflated and deflated quickly, and are relatively light and can be pulled at will. They are worse than kayaking. They are heavier than normal hiking. But they combine kayaking and hiking into a sweet adventure!

    The advantage of the box is its versatility – they are ideal for weekend trips in local villages, through wide rivers on large walks, or on a large number of boating trips on rugged, remote terrain. Your imagination is the limit!

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