13FT Double Person Customized Size 0.9mm PVC Hypalon Material Red Color Blue Color Inflatable Kayak Boat

Short Description:

1.Manufacturer of superior quality inflatable kayak boat

2.Competitive price

3.Advanced material and toughest tear resistance

4.Innovative design and durability

5.Top performing and reliability

  • FOB Price: US$99-1,999/PC
  • Net Weight: 3.0 - 3.5KGS
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • MOQ.: 10 PCS
  • Package: Carton
  • Port: QingDao
  • Production Capability: 10,000 PCS/Month
  • Product Detail

    Travel logistics

    If you really want to kayak and make room for inflatable kayaks, prepare some complicated logistics. Follow these tips and tricks to solve!

    Find campsites or field sites on the river.

    After all the plans, we cycled the river. We found that three to four miles is usually enough to make us scratch for hours.

    Phil pulls our Burley flatbed trailer and loads everything we need, including kayaking. Click here to buy this trailer from Amazon UK.

    We fixed the bike and trailer at the launch point, inflated the kayak, put on a life jacket, and we set off!

    Take the kayak out of the water at your camped destination, have a cup of tea, and dry.

    We both pedaled to collect bikes and trailers.

    My bike wheels fell off, the wheels and bikes drove into Phil’s trailer tow home, and then I rode on a scooter (yes, I’m a slack!). )

    Like many people, I began to venture into the world of inflatable boats using leak-prone inflatable kayaks. Made by FRONTIER, kayaking was used almost every summer as a child. Friends and I would take the kayak to the middle of the pond on which we live, break down, snorkel, or try to chase some fish to the boat.

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    Imagine you’re going to take your own inflatable kayak to the river or ocean, whether it’s fishing, camping, entertainment or other entertainment. Is it exciting? Before you discuss anything, you must know what is an inflatable kayak and your target location. Even before you choose the right kayak, you must choose your destination and start preparation accordingly.

    About inflatable kayaks and why we chose them

    Kayaking is basically thought of as a hard-shelled single-seat rafting device. Well, that’s not exactly right. Kayaks come in a variety of sizes and therefore have different designs and types and can also be used in both and solo versions. Most people think that inflatable kayaks are real lying kayaks.

    Benefits of Inflatable Kayaking

    There are countless benefits to choosing an inflatable kayak:

    Light and portable:

    These kayaks are lightweight and portable, so they can be easily carried and even stored in the trunk of a car. Small size allows you to store in a closet when you get home.

    Easy to use:

    Inflatable kayaks can be quickly and easily aired and inflated when suspended. As a result, you can get into the water in just a few minutes, or you can quickly.


    The inflatable kayak is rugged and can be used in any condition you encounter, whether in lakes, rivers or oceans.

    Highly floating:

    These kayaks are extremely lightweight, so you can easily bounce on the rocks, as these kayaks are full of air and provide a safe ride experience. Even you can simply shoot through the station.

    Soft and comfortable:

    You may be riding on a kayak for longer, so you need to make it soft and comfortable. Inflatable kayaks are very comfortable when you can ride on the river or just fis

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