The First PackRaft with TiZip on the Bow, rather than the Stern.


Designed by senior Packraft Experts from New Zealand and Frontier.

Above packraft is the first packraft with TiZip on the Bow, rather than the traditional position(stern) to balance the weight when paddling. With brand new Self-bailing system, it is Frontier’s most advanced Adventure Series packraft launched in July.

We are excited to announce a number of upgrades. The inflatable floor is made wider; it forces the tubes apart a little bit. This puts tension on the floor, making it tight and smooth and less water resistance. We have upgraded our floor attachment to the pontoons to position the paddler sitting higher which helps support your back and allows for easier paddle strokes over the pontoons. Additionally, we have upgraded our Self-bailing system with 4 big drain holes. Each one covered by flap, to stop the water coming in too fast. This improvement will happen when you are paddling and when the bow hits a big wave and when you are surfing upstream in white water.

Frontier unique design is with Tizip at middle of bow and cut the bow off to a blunter shape – like some whitewater rafts. It’s a flat water boat that is designed to carry very big loads.

All kinds of Inflatable boats must always be used with care. A serious puncture can immerse you immediately in water you are in .So we recommend you never pack raft if you are not able to swim.

Standard equipment:

 Boat, spray deck, stuff sack, inflation bag, strapping tape, Removable seat & seat back, basic repair kit, 2 stern grab-loops, 4 bow grab-loops

Optional equipments:  

Paddles, mini pump, inflatable floor

Post time: Jul-25-2018


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