Packrafting in winter

The winter has been arrived in Japan, but it still did not reduce the people’s enthusiasm for packrafting.

My friend Daigo Shibata organized a packrafting party  in Mitake on the Sunday ( 2th. Dec. 2018).

Although the temperature is relatively low, everyone still feel warm with packraft.

Mr Daigo Shibata’s feelings as bellow:


Thank you for coming to Otake for today too!

It was a warm day that I could not think of December.

Because I was concerned about the cold,

I am relieved that I managed to finish it safely.

Please come and visit again!

It is a big welcome even in winter, so let’s row it carefully ☆

Mori Shan( pioneer of Pack Raft in Japan) , Thank you again today! !

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Wishing packraft will send more warm to more people in winter.

Post time: Dec-03-2018


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