Packraft-Spray Deck

A spray deck keeps water out of the cockpit in rapids. They keep the lower body of paddler dry.

They are suited to those who may not wish to wear a wet suit or waterproof suit. Someone would like to wear leisure clothing suitable for travel.

Spray decks provided this kinds of convenience. It will take all your clothing keep dry during paddling.


Frontier Calm Water Series packrafts have removeable spray decks.

calm water packraft with spray deck CW-220 (2)

Frontier White Water Series packrafts have a permanent deck and a separate skirt.

WW-255 WW-255 (2)

They are always a bit fiddly to put on.

In the CW Series spray decks are light and it can be installed or removed follow you mind.

The WW Series decks are more robust to cope with harder water. It have more reliable function of waterproof.


The seating position in a spray skirt packraft can be set lower, which is more stable for those who value this characteristic.




Post time: Nov-22-2018


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