Packing the packraft

First, do not sit on your pack. It will soak the contents and crush the cook pot. Instead,

the ideal location in a packraft to load a pack is opposite the end where you sit, the bow,

because the best compromise between visibility and stability is sitting in the stern. Without a

pack and especially when running whitewater, you will find that you need to scoot forward to better balance the boat. Where exactly in the front you put your pack depends on its size and weight.

Light dry bag nor trash compactor bags are really tough enough to withstand this sort of use.

Second ,you will have difficulty tying the pack on if enclosed in a garbage bag. Also packs get wet from rain as well as rivers, and a lined pack will keep its contents dry both in the boat

and on your back.

If you using a dry- bag, buy the kind with the twist-shut burp valve, Frontier Boston valve. So you can expel all the air. Take an accessory strap and loop it through the bow patch tie-down on the boat and then through the haul loop and one or both shoulder straps of your pack. This added security can help. Prevent pack loss should you flip the boat.

You can use a bit P-cord about two feet long, tie it to the bow patch tie it with bow patch tie down with bow line, then secure you pack through shoulder straps and haul loop using a quick- release clove hitch. In addition, you snug the knot on the pack so as to keep the pack high against the tube, with just bottom resting on the boat deck.


If you have anything hard in your pack, be sure to paid it so that there is no chance it touches the deck. Hard objects can wear a hole in your boat deck if they bump against rocks beneath the boat .If running extensive whitewater, consider turning the pack inside out before packing it. This preventive measure will keep loose straps from entangling your feet when you flip.

Post time: Aug-27-2018


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