Bike Pack Rafting

Packrafts and mountain bikes are a match made in heaven. In their own way, both of them give us the same precious thing: freedom.

Freedom to travel further and faster than our own two feet could take us, or in the case of the packraft, to where they could never take us at all.

If a fatbike is one of the ultimate creative tools to aid human-powered travel on land, then the packraft is its waterborne cousin.

That description seems more fitting when you consider that both the fat bike and you only need to look at some of the journeys being undertaken in that part of the world to see their ability to create new and inspirational lines

through the backcountry.

A packraft is a tool, and like any tool it is up to the user to unlock its full potential.





















Packrafts are usually blown up using an inflation bag that attaches to the valve. The other end of the bag is open and can be filled with air, before twisting it shut and squeezing the trapped air into the boat.

It’s an acquired skill that becomes more polished with practise.

You will also need a repair kit – packrafts are tougher than they look but they’re not indestructible. The good news is that holes and tears can usually be repaired in the field.

A repair kit should consist of fabric patches and glue, Tyvek repair tape and Aquaseal seam sealer. All these little extras take up minimal space but forgetting them would be like leaving for a bike ride without a spare tube…


Packraft become more relevant on a bike rafting trip. ;-)

Post time: Jan-26-2019


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