A packrafting trip in Germany, Let’s go packrafting.

Augsburg tour

Packraft trip

Packrafting is using a small, lightweight inflatable boat to do whatever you would do in a bigger boat. By “small” I mean generally one person. By “lightweight” I mean less than ten pounds — generally five pounds or less. By “whatever a bigger boat can do,” I mean cross and float rivers, streams and lakes, even run rapids or cross saltwater bays and fjords.

There is a packrafting trip in Germany, Let’s go packrafting.

Time: 11th Aug, 9th Sept (10:00 am- 4:00 pm) Augsburg experience from a fresh perspective. This is an event for all age groups, ideal for families.

Meeting point is in our school ( address: Am Eiskanal, 86161 ). You need to get your packrafts and the necessary equipment. From there walk to the Kuhsee.

On the way: 1.We will show you our beautiful plant of the Augsburg. 2.We will show you the gold medal Museum. This is your guide on a couple of things to tell. course content: Familiar with material, Safe out under water, Basic paddle teach. the explore of Augsburg in a very unusual way.

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