2019 Annual European Packrafting Meet-up At The Soca For The International Packrafting Community

Welcome to the 2019 annual European Packrafting Meet-up at the Soca for the international packrafting community.

This event will be held over 4 days from Thursday the 30th of May until Sunday the 2nd of June 2019 at the same venue as the 2018 event ” Camp Liza”.

The event will have the same structure as the 2018 meet up and will focus on the same core elements of Satety Training and River Consercation.

The first 2 days will be dedicated to safety workshops, rescue and skills training and the second 2 days will be for getting together in small groups to paddle and explore the surrounding rivers and natural beauty of the Soca area.

During the evenings there will be numerous presentations, workshops and film screenings. The event will also used to raise money to help protect the rivers of Europe.

There will be also be packrafts and gear available for demo.


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Post time: Jan-09-2019


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