Dog Of Packrafting

Frontier loyal client Peter is a packraft enthusiast.

He likes packrafting with his Dog very much,

Let us go to meet peter and him lovely Border Collie.


Frontier PackRaft: Why packraft with Lizard?


Peter: Lizard is my first dog, and he’s been amazing.

We immediately took her out adventuring as a puppy to get her used to everything from wildlife to scrambling on cliffs.

Almost everyone we pass by on trails give us a smile, and she really makes everything so much more fun.

Lizard also keeps me company when I hike and camp alone.



























We also have a cat that loves to travel.

Moo cannot do most things a dog can, but we do take her as much as possible on road trips.

Lizard keeps a close eye on her feline sister and will track her if I ask. We’ve had quite a few opportunities to dogsit and love how each have their own personalities and really do love travelling in a pack!

We hope to add to our family once we can find larger living situation (we live in a one bedroom apartment).

Lizard has always been calm in watercraft, but he does have a tendency to lean on canoes and try to “point” at birds in the water. With a packraft, I feel so much more stable even if she decides to jump in.

Lizard really enjoyed the trip and the packrafting on river soca. The people could not believe that there was a dog in a packraft! :)

image1 IMG_8555


Post time: Jan-11-2019


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